Our source

  • Choose wool for more certainty in your supply chain and a product that aligns with your customers’ values

A greener choice

A renewable, sustainable material

Sheep’s wool must be shorn every year to keep them healthy and living comfortably through changing seasons. In its lifetime, one sheep can produce many years’ worth of this incredible resource. With wool as your raw ingredient you’re working with a plentiful resource that can be responsibly sourced.

New Zealand wool for the win

Our climate, selected sheep breeds and world-leading processing methods mean we can grow wool with a far lower carbon footprint than farms in other parts of the world. We also partner with farms seeking to preserve, conserve and protect their natural environment for future generations. In New Zealand’s indigenous Māori culture this practice is called “Kaitiakitanga”. – guardianship and protection.

A lighter footprint at end of life

Finding products that perform, bring added functionality, and leave no trace once they are no longer used can be tough. And that is where Wool Source comes in. As bio-based, organic and metal-free materials, our products are biodegradable and suitable for composting.

Eliminating waste by upcycling

Less demand for strong wool in carpets and textiles has seen an oversupply of wool in the market. Wool Source’s transformational technology for converting strong wool fibre into premium multi-functional products is part of a concerted effort to make sure this high-performing fibre isn’t wasted and contribute to a circular economy.

An ingredient you can trust

Traceable for a transparent supply chain

Wool Source works alongside New Zealand’s leading sheep farmers and strategic sourcing partners to guarantee that every fibre we use comes from farms we know and trust. Which means you can trace your ingredient right to the individual farm gate.

Ethically sourced raw material

All wool used in Wool Source production comes from farms that are independently certified for animal welfare and environmental sustainability according to the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP) and can be certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) on request. On these farms, sheep are free to roam, eat, socialise and enjoy the five freedoms recognised as essential for animal welfare.

Animal friendly

As well as sourcing wool fibre that can be certified as cruelty-free, Wool Source products are not tested on animals.