Who we are

  • Wool Source exists to commercialise and launch innovative new uses for New Zealand’s strong wool that are good for people and the planet.
  • We were founded by the Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand (WRONZ), and are working together on projects with the New Zealand Government Ministry of Primary Industries and the Strong Wool Action Group (SWAG).

    As new use products become ready for commercial market engagement, Wool Source will operate the pilot facility, developing and validating products for international markets. Working closely with our industry and our partners, we will maintain momentum for this growing sector, delivering results that will open up new markets to the unique benefits and properties of New Zealand wool. Our expertise, experience and connections help de-risk the innovation process for New Zealand’s wool industry.

Our connection

WRONZ (Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand) is a specialist wool research institution, an incorporated society with member companies from across the New Zealand wool sector. Members of WRONZ represent wool growers, processors, and every aspect of the value chain.

At Wool Source, we are taking the best of WRONZ’s research and commercialising it through intensive market engagement, so we can develop new processes and opportunities for wool. For example, we have developed a process that produces natural and sustainable wool particles that can be used as a base ingredient in a range of products.

A raw and
renewable resource

New Zealand strong wool is sourced from our world-leading sheep farms. On those farms, sheep are free to roam, eat, socialise and enjoy the five freedoms recognised as essential for animal welfare. Each year they are shorn for their fleece (a short, painless process), then left to grow new wool. In its lifetime, one sheep can produce many years’ worth of this incredible resource.

Wool Source works alongside New Zealand’s leading sheep farmers and strategic sourcing partners to guarantee that every fibre meets our exacting specifications. Ensuring that our wool is grown in the right way is equally as important to us as ensuring it meets our technical requirements. To meet our strict sourcing standard, all wool used in Wool Source production must come from farms that are independently certified for animal welfare and environmental sustainability through standards such as the Responsible Wool Standard and EU Ecolabel. You can be confident that it comes from the most trusted and experienced farmers in the world.

Our People

  • New Zealand has always led the world in both growing and researching wool. Now, with Wool Source, we’re pushing the potential of our wool even further with an expert team that has extensive experience, credibility, and industry knowledge.

    Our people have proven track records at every level, from our experienced marketing and engagement team to our corporate and governance leadership, as well as our highly skilled research, design and build team who can operate 24/7.

Our Partners

  • On our journey to commercialise new wool products, Wool Source works closely with a number of important partners