• The natural strength and sustainability of New Zealand’s strong wool make it the ideal ingredient for innovation.

At Wool Source, we are reimagining the future of wool. Our research has expanded the possibilities of how you can use wool. All-natural, sustainable strong wool particles are the base ingredient for a new generation of high-performance materials, free from chemicals and toxins. The only limit is your imagination – now you can create your next generation of incredible products.

Naturally grown in New Zealand, Wool Source’s strong wool particles are an endlessly renewable natural resource and the key to a truly circular manufacturing economy.


  • Through our research and new product development, we are creating new commercial markets for our wool growing farmers.

Wool is an iconic New Zealand resource, threaded throughout our economic history. The work we are doing at Wool Source will ensure it plays a transformative role in our economic future. It is more than a sustainable resource: traceable farming practices have the potential to make wool an endlessly renewable material. This opens the door to brand new, innovative products and sectors, driven by our pioneering, world-first processes.

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