At the heart of our product innovation process is the deconstruction of wool fibres. These become raw ingredients in the form of particles, powders and pigments. The Wool Source technology uniquely amplifies the natural characteristics of comfort, moisture management, pollution control and flame retardance and establishes new applications by physically modifying wool to create high surface area, low density powders and pigments.

Wool pigments are fine coloured particles that perform as a drop in alternative to metal and synthetic pigments used across the printing, personal care and coatings sectors.

For printing applications the environmental credibility of ethical sourcing and traceability are coupled with properties comfort, moisture management and flame retardance resulting in high performance pigments with the potential for GOTS, OEKO Tex and EU Ecolabel certifications well suited to textile surfaces.

In colour cosmetics applications demand for traceability and sustainability is met with light weight, high surface coverage natural wool pigments that combine strong colour performance with next to skin benefits of pollution protection and light skin feel. An alternative to metals and carmine the wool pigments have the potential for vegetarian, halal, kosher and cruelty free certifications.


Ethically sourced and traceable particles that are rich sources of keratin protein. Ideally presented for efficient extraction and use in personal care and pharmaceutical applications.


High porosity, functional active powders that combine pollution neutralising and moisture absorbing performance with ethical sourcing, back to farm traceability and vegetarian certification. Broad applications across coatings and personal care products.


Sustainable and functional alternatives to metal based and synthetic pigments to bring vibrant colours to printing, colour cosmetic and coating applications.