Exploring possibility

  • The potential of wool particles is huge. The world needs strong, renewable and sustainably produced materials. Keratin-rich wool is the ideal source.

World-leading research

Building on 50 years of the world leading keratin and fibre science of WRONZ, Wool Source has access to world first processes for deconstructing wool down to particle and cellular level while maintaining the key performance features of the material. This has now led to a pipeline of potential new products that are ready for initial market entry and commercial development.

Our New Uses Programme

Wool Source was born out of the New Uses for Strong Wool Partnership Programme, a joint research project between WRONZ and MBIE and led by Wool Industry Research Limited (WIRL) the wholly owned research arm of WRONZ. The programme’s objectives include identifying potential new uses for strong wool and generating transformational, high value, and high-volume opportunities for New Zealand’s strong wool-based industry.

Wool Source is tasked with taking the best and most promising research from this project to market, successfully commercialising it and delivering increased, high-value demand for wool products.

Our wool particles can be used to produce base ingredients containing nothing but nature, offering enhanced performance in a wide range of products and applications. We deconstruct wool down to its base particles then reconstruct it for use in cosmetics, personal care, luxury fibres, printing, filtration and more.

Our purpose-built production site

To support the ongoing success of Wool Source, WRONZ has built a purpose-built facility on the Lincoln University campus. We have worked with experienced engineering partners to design and build a bespoke plant that can produce wool pigments and powders using our protected and patented process.

This is where we validate and commercialise our revolutionary new products. Designed to prove the scalability of our new technology this facility also provides initial manufacturing volumes and production scale materials for partner evaluation.

Robust quality management, security and health and safety measures are in place to ensure traceability and quality assurance, and the wellbeing of staff, contractors, and operators.

The facility has been designed to use low-carbon energy and is based in the growing agribusiness hub of Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand.